Nanoneedling goes by various names such as Microexfoliation, Nano infusion or Nano exfoliation.

It is a non-invasive procedure that involves the use of a pen style modality and nano-tips which has tiny cones formed of silicone that do not penetrate the skin, but do help with resurfacing and product infusion. This is an alternative treatment for clients who do not want any downtime or who may be contraindicated to microneedling. It can also improve skin texture, boost hydration as well as address signs of premature skin aging. The most immediate, visible change in the skin is a

hydrated glow

We use the bt-titan MN device as it allows for a highly controlled and precise treatment that is adapted to your exact skin needs and comfort.

Our 1 hour Dermalogica Pro Nanoneedling allows us to unlock advanced results on 4 concerns.

  • dull skin

  • large pores

  • hyperpigmentation

  • wrinkles

We recommend scheduling a series of 3-5 Pro Nanoneedling treatments with 4 weeks

in between treatments.

Hygiene is paramount so the area to be treated is clinically cleaned at the beginning of the 

treatment.  Sealed sterile disposable consumables are used during the treatment. At the end of the Treatment the cartridge and all consumables are consigned to medical waste (Sharps Box and Contaminated waste bin) and disposed of safely in accordance the law.  This ensures that only brand-new, sterile consumables are used each Treatment.

Courses are booked & paid for in advance and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Our Terms and Conditions and Our Cancellation Policy Applies

To learn more about Nanoneedling please contact us or book a skin consultation